Property, power. Health and prosperity.
This is what makes FEHU a rune good, generous and allows me to set up a project.
I must not disappoint FEHU.
Wealth is made to be shared.
Tomorow we will see URUZ
Wealth is made to be shared.
I use FEHU when I lack strength, power, or energy.
I draw deep into my being to unlock my potential.
2D5EF112F-6877-493C-B715-D5B7BB7AC64E URUZ  the_aurochs_by_phan_tom
My potential, my energy, my animal and my instinct.
A goal diamond that needs to be fashioned.
I find health through a healthier life.
A primitive energy, without taboo, an uncontrollable force.
A new action yes but beware, I do not throw myself head down like a bull, not before all I meditate, I think and why not, I request the use of protective assistance
Krishna is a very beloved god of the Indians because he has a bit of a slang and is also a cattle herder, especially the cow who plays a sacred status in India.
The spine that wakes up and stimulates my energy in positive strength but beware it can also be negative. Should I keep this spine or remove it …
I fight for the good cause, to defend my relatives, to defend myself and especially not to harm others.
51E11C6E-25C6-404A-B39B-1E35E0B15958ANSUZ The message, the communication, the knowledge.
I expand my horizons, I open my mind.
I return to the source of creation where I drink spirituality, poetry and wisdom.
The raven and / or the crow. Hugin and Munin are the messengers of the god Odin.
C855313A-1BAC-4192-99A8-92F7936B4580 RAIDHO The wheel, the cycle, I drive my vehicle.
Le voyage est aussi important que la destination. Etre présent efface le temps.
fullsizeoutput_1ec.jpeg Justice and Arbitration. Value and ethics. That’s what makes RAIDHO.
E12F2435-1C68-4DAC-9B14-6671C798FF98  KENAZ img_3042
The fire, the torch that lights. It’s time to put his knowledge to good use.
3604BF17-0847-4940-A1C0-B7D35BE0522B GEBO
Love, exchange, sharing. GEBO takes us back to the FEHU rune.



8  E595C4A2-56A3-41DF-A4C2-07BCB052B83A WUNJO 
Joy is everywhere, it’s up to us to see it.

286108D4-FD38-4BCC-84E6-22C32012EDE3 HAGALAZ Crisis, need to restructure, to repair. IMG_1730.JPG
The hailstone destroys the crops, once transformed into water it becomes beneficial.



10 24px-runic_letter_naudiz-svg NAUDHIZ Let’s find a balance in our life.
Easy solutions are often disastrous.
  Do not choose between asceticism and debauchery.
11 4px-runic_letter_isaz-svg  ISA  I draw on my reserves and dispel my frivolity, I channel my energy.
Let us not be deceived by appearances.
12 6D28778F-13FF-4E4A-8F9A-88EFF0E0382E JERA  images-1
It is time to reap the rewards of his labor.
There are no victories based on luck.
13 CB4A9FA9-D620-449A-8A79-1EC69F26D1D0 EIWHAZ
IMG_3110.JPGA cycle is over, I get rid of all my past baggage and I start a new life.
Death may be beneficial, it is not only physical.
A world is dying out and a new world is born.
This rune is very powerful, it transforms me into pain, it transforms me under the condition of an initiation not pleasant to endure but necessary.
14  3D0666FB-9618-47DA-BE12-1624137C459FPERTHRO  Destiny is not inevitable.image
I solve my problems seeking deep in my being, my soul. I know that the light will come out of the shadows.
Destiny and chance are associated with the PERTHRO rune of which I am the fruit.
15elihaz EILHAZ
It is a rune of protection, it is associated with the animal Elan.
Life, rebirth and protection when the rune is straight.
Death when overthrown.
EILHAZ protects against bad intentions, warns me against ill-intentioned seducers and also does not give in to ease.
Elhaz follow me and advise me in my elevation on all levels among other spiritual.
16 6D9DA627-A832-440F-86BF-B2DAA26C9A68SOWILO  the sun, the light img_0758
Do I live according to the rules of others or mine ?
I am finally enlightened, by a guide, by a teaching, by a guide, a change of level of comprehension.
SOWILO as ephemeral as lightning, so I take advantage of being in the limelight
The triumph of light over darkness.
I must detach myself from what obsesses me.
17 63A3EB59-DE3B-4B18-9C46-14A6F1F79D68TIWAZ 
homme avec bébé
I will become a leader, acquire power and authority.
Attention is a challenge, a leader is endowed with a great civic sense and a great listening and not a stupid  little leader who masks his fear by tyranny.
*The rune can also warn me that I will meet a person or entity that will protect me. Be careful not to be mistaken, you must have an impeccable posture towards this protection and not play the spoiled child. This protection is demanding and will require us to invest ourselves body and soul in a few new things, so do not let it down.
18  97EA7F2C-D469-49E5-9132-640A5D084BA5 BERKANO IMG_2644Death, the end of a cycle that allows me to renew myself and start again in a new cycle. But I must accept this transformation, not easy to free myself from the announced routine, but yes to take it and the chrysalis become butterfly and fly to new horizons.
19 D189DA1D-B8BC-4C05-9E31-4056E9EF06E7 EHWAZimg_1432-2.jpg
I must accept the duality that inhabits me.
This duality incessantly pushes me to move, to question myself and to move forward.I assume my body and my mind that are one.
I assume my body and my mind that are one.
20 manaz  MANNAZIMG_3042.JPG
humanity, the divine and the earthly have come together to create MANNAZ.
All the best of humanity is in Mannaz; Solidarity, fraternity … like the worst; War, tyranny …
To me to contribute to the elevation of humanity.
21 laguz  LAGUZ
I am like the young shoot, I am made to grow.
I only have to carry myself by the rhythm of life.
Bohemian as I am.
Love and fresh water are enough for my well-being.
22 ingwaz  INGWAZ – I am the egg or the seed, my creative potential only begs to be fertilized.fullsizeoutput_493.jpeg
INGWAZ protects my home.
23 dagaz   DAGAZ is the rune of the day, the birth of the day. fullsizeoutput_40b.jpeg
DAGAZ is the accomplishment and the realization.
The symbol DAGAZ in front of an entrance, a door or a window of the house protects me from evil spirits.
I finally see a clarification in the darkness of my life. I take stock of my past life.
24 OTHALAZ  OTHALAZ  IMG_1025.JPGis my house, my ancestral property.
OTHALAZ asks me what I have learned and remember since my birth in this world.


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